Energy Efficient Solutions & No-Cost Home Assessments for Homeowners & Renters in Lawrence, MA

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For the homeowners and renters of Lawrence, Massachusetts looking to reduce their utility costs and energy usage, Absolute Energy Solutions (AES) is here to help. Outdated insulation and inefficient lighting can be costly in terms of energy efficiency, but our team of experienced professionals can help you make the necessary upgrades and replacements to save money. As a Mass Save proud partner, we can also help you to apply for rebates and incentives that help cover costs.

We understand that making energy efficient improvements in your home can be daunting, and we are here to help every step of the way. To learn more, give us a call at 888-577-0944, or visit our website!


AES Finds Lawrence Residents Rebates & Incentives with the Mass Save Program

We are proud to be a Mass Save partner, and provide our Lawrence customers access to their incredible rebate programs and incentives. We can help homeowners and renters qualify for total home energy efficiency packages, as well as individual solutions. Incentives and rebates are available for:

  • Insulation replacements/upgrades
  • LED light installations
  • Air sealing

No-Cost Home Assessments for Energy Efficiency in Lawrence, MA

Along with qualifying incentives and rebates, AES offers Lawrence residents a no-cost home assessment to help you identify areas of your home that could benefit from updated energy efficiency solutions. Starting with an assessment, we can help you create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget. During our walk-through, we will check your home top to bottom for potential areas of improvement and make recommendations based on our findings.

Insulation Installation & Replacements for Lawrence Residents

Old, worn-out insulation can pose a significant risk to your energy bill and amount of energy used. Our experienced insulation technicians can help Lawrence residents identify worn-out areas of their insulation and assess the best course of action. Whether you need to replace your attic’s insulation or simply add supplement insulation, AES can help. Using the top-quality products and techniques, our team will ensure your insulation is properly installed and up to code.

LED Light Installation & Replacements for Residents of Lawrence, MA

Making the switch from traditional lighting to LED lighting is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to lower your energy bill. With Absolute Energy Solutions, Lawrence homeowners and renters can make the switch at an affordable price. We can help you identify the areas of your home that need LED upgrades from traditional lighting and provide you with a personalized plan. Our LED lighting gives your home an added boost in energy efficiency without compromising on brightness.

holding two lights bulbs in hand over grass one is traditional hallogen bulb and the other is an led new style for more efficiency

Air-Sealing Solutions for Lawrence, MA Homeowners

Escaping air that leaks out of the home can easily rack up your energy bill. AES technicians are skilled in air-sealing techniques and methods to ensure that the air you are paying to heat or cool your home stays inside. Drafts can be tough to identify, but our team can help detect areas of your home that may need air-sealing and create a plan to maximize your energy efficiency.

Schedule a Home Assessment with AES & Start Saving Energy & Money in Lawrence, MA

There is never been a better time to start saving money and energy in Lawrence, MA with Absolute Energy Solutions. From insulation replacements and upgrades to LED light installations and air-sealing, our team is here to help you maximize your energy efficiency. With our partnership with Mass Save, you can even qualify for rebates and incentives that help cover costs. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost home assessment and start saving money now!

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