Winter is here, and it is time for everyone to embark on a vacation with their loved ones. Of course, you need to plan for several things, like booking flights, reserving hotels, and much more. However, another task you face is whether to leave your heat on when leaving for vacation. People often opt to turn off their thermostats, but that is a bad idea. Here’s why!


Why You Should Not Turn Off Your Heat When Leaving For Winter Vacation

Yes, you should always leave your thermostat on when you are about to leave your home for a vacation. 

Keep Pets Left at Home Safe with Proper Heat

You also need to consider the comfort of your furry little friend. Most pet owners prefer to hire pet sitters to watch over their pets during their vacations. However, if you do not fall into that category, the least you can do is ensure they don’t freeze to death. Setting up your thermostat to ensure the heat comes on as much as needed can protect your little friend when the cold decides to go up a notch.

Pipes Can Freeze & Burst


Even when you are at home, you are still somewhat worried about your pipes freezing and bursting when temperatures get really low. Imagine what could happen if you turn off the heat while on your vacation. The horror!

What Temperature Should You Set Thermostat to When on Vacation?

If no one will be home during your trip, you should set your thermostat at no lower than 50°F to ensure your pipes don’t freeze up and give way. This temperature is adequate to keep your home and loved ones safe and save you money on your electricity bill.

What Other Ways Can You Save Money While Away On Your Winter Trip?

Setting your thermostat to a low yet suitable temperature is one of the ways you can save money while on vacation. You can also set your water heater to the lowest temperature since no one will be around to use it. Also, make sure that other energy-consuming electronics like TVs, computers, routers, and kitchen appliances are turned off and unplugged. Lastly, make sure a lamp in your living room is switched on while other lights are turned off. Doing this also ramps up your home’s security while on vacation.

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