What is an R-Value for Insulation & Why Is It Important?

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When choosing a new insulation to install in your home or building, there are many factors to consider when finding the right one. It is important to choose an insulation that is not only budget-friendly and energy-efficient but also has a high R-value. This measurement tells a lot about the effectiveness and performance of insulation by telling how well it resists heat flow. By giving a number between 1 and 60 it can help homeowners and builders decide which insulation is the best for the specific needs of their home. In this blog, we will discuss how the R-value is measured, what it is, and its importance when choosing insulation.

What is an R-Value?

In the world of insulation, an R-value is a number that indicates the level of thermal resistance or how well a specific material resists heat transfer. In other words, the higher the number, the better it is at keeping heat in or out of a space.

How is an R-Value Scored?

The R-value of insulation can range anywhere between 1 and 60. A lower score means that the insulation is less effective at resisting heat flow, while a higher score means it is more efficient.

Factors that Affect an R-Value Score

measuring insulation to determine r-value and if it matches the right value for home location and climate

Several factors can affect the R-value of insulation, such as the type of material used, its thickness, and how well it is installed. For example, fiberglass insulation typically has an R-value between 2.9 and 3.8 per inch, while blown-in cellulose insulation has an R-value between 3.2 and 3.8 per inch. Additionally, the fire and moisture resistance of the insulation can also affect its R-value by reducing its effectiveness over time.

What Does an R-Value Tell Homeowners When Choosing Insulation?

When choosing insulation for your home, it’s important to consider the R-value because it directly affects the energy efficiency and comfort levels of your space. A higher number means better insulation, which can result in lower heating and cooling costs and a more comfortable living environment.

What is an R-Value Chart & How Does It Help Homeowners Choose the Right Insulation?

An R-value chart is a helpful tool for homeowners when choosing insulation. It provides a comparison of different materials and their corresponding R-values. This allows homeowners to easily see which insulation options have higher or lower R-values, making it less of a challenge to determine which one best fits their needs.


When reading an R-value chart, zones are numbered 1-7. These are based on the climate zones in which the insulation will be used. The higher the number, the colder the climate is in that location. A zone rating of 7 would indicate very cold temperatures, while a zone rating of 1 would indicate warm or mild temperatures.

Area of Home

In addition to climate zones, the type and location of the area in your home where insulation will be installed can also affect the recommended R-value. On an R-value chart, you may see different ratings for walls, attics, and floors. This can help find the right insulation for each specific area of your home by its corresponding R-value.


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