Why Are My Windows Fogging Up & Getting Condensation Inside the Glass?

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FAQ: Why Are My Windows Wet & Have Condensation Inside of the Glass?

Have you ever woken up one morning and noticed that the windows of your home are wet with condensation inside them? Although this can be caused by weather, if you notice it is trickling into your home, it may also be a sign of a leak in your air-sealing. Although this may seem like a small problem, it can lead to bigger damage and increasing energy bills. In this blog, we will discuss what causes this to happen to your windows, how to fix it, and how our team at Absolute Home Insulation Plus can help. To learn more and request a home assessment, fill out our online form or give us a call at (888) 861-0983.

Causes of Inner Window Condensation & Fogging

Condensation, or when water droplets form on a surface, can occur inside of your windows for a few reasons. Some of the most common causes are:

Humidity Outside is Higher than Inside

When the outside air contains more moisture than the inside, condensation can form on your windows. This is often seen during hot and humid summer days.

Leak or Damage in Air-Sealing

The sealing around your windows can break down and become damaged over time, allowing warm indoor air to escape and cold outdoor air to enter. This temperature difference can cause condensation on the inside of your windows.

Poor Air Ventilation in Home

If the air in your home is still, it can lead to higher humidity levels, causing condensation on your windows. Air can become stagnant when there is insufficient air circulation or movement in your home by fans or opened windows.

How to Fix Condensation & Fogging on Windows

If your windows are consistently foggy and wet, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem can lead to mold growth, rotting window frames, and higher energy bills. The best solution is to call a professional who is experienced in air-sealing, insulation, and energy efficiency. By having a home assessment done, they can locate the exact source of the issue and provide a solution that fits your needs. Whether it is a simple repair to your air-sealing or a full insulation upgrade, their expertise and knowledge will help prevent condensation from forming on your windows in the future.

How to Know When Window Condensation Means it’s Time for a Replacement

In some cases, condensation on your windows could be a sign that it is time to get it replaced. Other than the noticeable moisture, any visible damage, such as cracks, rotting, or warping, can also indicate a need for new windows. Additionally, if your windows are outdated or have single-pane glass, it may be time for an upgrade. Newer windows with double or triple panes offer better energy efficiency and reduce the chances of water forming on the inside of the glass. In Massachusetts, you may also be eligible for Mass Save rebates and incentives by upgrading to more efficient windows and insulation.

Contact Absolute Home Insulation Plus in Methuen, MA for Air-Sealing Services to Restore Windows, Improve Insulation, & Decrease Utility Bills

If you have noticed that the windows in your home are becoming more foggy with condensation, don’t wait until it’s too late to call Absolute Home Insulation Plus. Before leading to damage or insulation leaks, our team can perform a full assessment of your entire home to identify the problem areas. With a variety of air-sealing and insulation services, we can provide your home with the necessary solutions for better efficiency and comfort. Stop wasting money and energy, and contact us today to schedule your no-cost assessment.

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